Sunday, June 3, 2012

polystyrene and polyester resin coating part 2

The final results have come in and it can be said that polystyrene can be coated with polyester resin with a barrier of good quality PVA wood glue. If the following steps are taken.

Apply a coating of pva wood glue to the polystyrene and allow it to dry for two days.
Apply a coating of catalysed resin over the pva wood glue as you would apply paint and allow to harden
Apply glass and resin as normal over step two. If a thick coating is applied directly over the PVA glue then it will react with the PVA glue.
I would suggest that a coloured pigment is added to the PVA to allow you to know where you have been same goes for the first coat of resin.
 This photo shows wet resin with no catalyst added to the surface without the styrene dissolving.


  1. Did that in 1970's and it works. Tried to patent it, and found out someone else had the patent years before.

  2. Thanks Alan it is nice to know from an independent person that it works Did you ever use the tollet paper as a covering CheersIggle