Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New model changes if I was to do it again

I think I have too much boyancy in the boat and a simpler way would to make it with flat sides and bottom maybe even sheet metal. everything else being even all should be right.
The next two photos show the formwork being removed..

 The above photo shows the destruction of weeks of previous work.
This one shows the rear section being removed.
All the internals have been removed

This is the new verandah I built to work on out of the weather...
The plaster has disolved with water and this made the removal easier also using aquadere water soluible glue helped as well.

Back on line

I have spent the last months building a verandah on the house and am back onto the minitug. The trouble started when I was trying to glass the hull and in the mornings the dew would stop the process and when the hull was dry the light faded so no work was done. The weather at the moment here is gale force winds from the south with driving rain for the next few days and the temperature is in the low tens. There is now a roof overhead though still every thing is wet. I have just spent all my savings on a real workshop in the town and I now will have 72 square meters of floor area what a luxery. So the move will comence in the coming weeks. It is amazing how one can be pulled and pushed off track and away from the real meaningful things in life. Boat building.