Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tiny little tugboat

As you have seen the boat came from a near death experience, it was to be removed and destroyed. Then along came I. The boat will be modernised for today's conditions and made good. So here is the first photo showing the repairs to the side and bottom.There is two holes in this photo and both have been repaired. the bottom hole was made to allow expanding foam to work its wonders.

I am having trouble with loading photos can anyone help?

Friday, September 16, 2011

On the trailer

It took some time to dig out the sand and load the boat it has a double floor and is filled with sand and will be hosed out at home. The photo below shows the boat ready to glass the side in, silicone is applied to the timber as a release agent.

New tug boat

I got a new video camera so here is the first videos I had to shovel out the sand and then the water before it would move.  

Little tug boat

I might have mentioned it before that I have sold the little tug boat and regret doing so. I came across this and was given permission by the owner to take it. So here is the start of my new mini tug boat.