Sunday, June 3, 2012

Polystyrene and polyester resin coating part1

This shows the glass on the polystyrene The rough area is where the polystyrene was not protected. 
This shows the glass on the polystyrene with the bondcrete glue
The bondcrete glue below again showing the glass ripped off.This is the epoxy spray paint note the parting is both on the polystyrene and the paint
The paint aloud the fumes from the resin to penetrate the polystyrene
This is a section of where the resin was laid thinly and the separation was on the beads in the polystyrene.
This shows where the resin was able to penetrate the glue when applied thickly and at the edges there was only resin thinly coating and there was no penetration of the resin fumes.
This is the cheap sample glue
This is the expensive glue sample
From the observations the best way is to use PVA glue and allow to dry for two days and then paint on resin with catalyst thinly. Followed up with thicker layers of glass and resin. Applying the resin thickly allows the resin to react with the pva glue and burn threw to the polystyrene. I think the cheap and the expensive glues performed about the same with a lean towards the expensive glue.
More experiments will be needed to confirm what I have done.

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