Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tiny tugboats

My sons have ganged up on me and am now not allowed to build any more little tug boats. They think that I will drown myself so I bought a mini motor bike and this has been confiscated and is being sold. Party poopers. They think I am getting too old would you believe,Old. Now I have bought a canoe fourteen foot long and they want training wheels on it (outriggers) Wait til they see it go with a five hp motor on it. I am gathering steel and bits for a mini submarine that should scare the crap out of em. They only come down once a month or so and I will hide the sub bits and launch it between visits. If they find it and ask what it is I will tell them I found it and am going to scrap it. Kids dont ya love them. You wouldnt believe it photo uploading is not working again.


  1. You might not know it but watching you build the tugs has been a favorite thing for me and the wife... You teach your kids to care and it bites you in the end.

  2. Thanks mate it is nice to know someone is watching. Ihey carnt keep control when they are not here. Besides it was my youngest son used to test launch the little beast. He seems to test all my creations. He was my crash test dummy when I built little cars. Cheers